How to hide your apps

How to hide your apps on your mobile phones

Individuals disguise or learn how to hide to their apps for different reasons greatest known to them. Whilst from time to time it could be substantially delicate records/reports and private programs like putting aside some money applications, covered applications within various events could become sight and sound actions, internet based life applications, online dating applications, which phone clients should need to avoid from prying eyes associated with others.

Below are the steo by approach which will enable you to fulfill your assurance needs. Some mobile phones go with the in-collected ability to hide applications from the essential application list, for instance, Samsung, HTC, Infinix, and some others.

The First Method | how to hide your apps

This very procedure is important either when you have some applications on your gadget, which you infrequently use or you have to solidify (freeze) some applications from the screen while they stay out of sight until you truly need them to keep your information unblemished and furthermore limit the measure of memory used


  1. Go to your “Settings” application from the home screen on your cell phone.
  2. click on “Applications” to see a full rundown of all intstalled applications on your gadget. In case your setting menu has headings over it, tap the “Gadgets” heading first at that point.
  3. Click on the Application chief and after that, select the application you need to cover up just by squeezing or pressing it.
  4. From the choices given, hit “Impair”.
  5. Presently, your application would not show up on your menu and landing page.
  6. NB: same step is used to unhide the applications

Second method | how to hide your apps

There are parcels and bunches of these applications on the Google play store, the likes of Nova Launcher, Go Launcher, PrivacyHider, Applock by DoMobile, and some more.

Nova Launcher

You can get Nova Launcher from the Play Store. Nova Launcher is one of the top launcher for modern Android, embracing full Material Design throughout. For my money, Nova Launcher is the best of the AOSP-style launchers available in Android.  it has  Much greater control than standard launchers.


  1. Download and install the “Expert version” and after that, reboot your cell phone.
  2. Go to “Nova settings” from the application cabinet and tap on the “Application and Widget drawers”.
  3. Explore to the base of the application and clickp on “Hide Apps”.
  4. A rundown of applications will show up; select the specific application you need to stow away.
  5. Halting here still leaves your application unmistakable if the name is scanned for.
  6. Head to your application cabinet and afterward search for this hidden application there; you should now long push on the application.
  7. Three alternatives will spring up: “Application Info”, “Uninstall”, and “Alter.”
  8. Tap the “Alter” alternative to rename the application and change the symbol.

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Privacy hider

Do you want to hide your social & dating apps?

With Privacy Hider, you can hide your frequently used social & dating apps, meanwhile it also can help you hide their popup notifications. Download and install PrivacyHider on the Google play store

  1. Open the Privacy Hider application and click the “+” symbol in the upper right corner.
  2. Select your preferred application to clone and sit tight for it to finish`.
  3. You will get a notice saying “The application has finished cloning”
  4. You can now uninstall the cloned application from your phone since it currently dwells inside Privacy Hider.
  5. Step by step instructions to shroud PrivacyHider itself:
  6. Open Privacy Hider and swipe from the left of the screen to get to extra highlights.
  7. Click on “Security for Privacy Hider” and select from the alternatives appeared to you (Dialer, Calculator, and Lock Privacy
  8. Choosing Lock Privacy Hider enables you to just lock the application utilizing unique finger impression, example or security questions.
  9. The calculation option allows you to set a password and press “=” sign after entering the password. A repeat of the process will be requested and then enter your recovery email ID.
  10. When done, PrivacyHider itself is currently completely avoided interlopers since it is presently an adding machine and must be opened by composing the secret word and hitting the “=” right away.
  11. These are a portion of the manners in which you can without much of a stretch stow away applications on your Android cell phone or tab. Utilizing this element accompanies various advantages, including guaranteeing touchy data on your telephone remains secured, shielding gatecrashers from accessing private applications on your gadget, etc.


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